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We are the trading company, introducing intersting items from all over the world!!

More Than Your Usual Marketing Agency





We are always watching the world, actually visitng many countries, feeling the world new trend, introducing novel products to Japanese market.

About us


Importing interesting goods from all over the world!!

世界中からの面白グッズを探し出し、クラウドファンディングで幅広く紹介し、それに続いて      一般店舗販売やEC販売を展開していくのが、当社の最も得意とするビジネスモデルです!!     


We are very good at the business model, researching interesting goods from all

 over the world and introduce  them at the Cloudfunding and then will sell through general shops and EC stores.

Contact With Us


Get in touch to learn more about how we can do for you. As a full-service Marketing Agency, we know how to cooperate with you. All you’ve got to do is just send your e.mail by the  below form.


東京都台東区上野5-19-4美鈴ビル4F エーワンカンパニー内

c/o A-One Company 4F Misuzu Bldg 5-19-4, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo JAPAN zip:110-0005  

Tel:03-3832-8281    03-6869-4318

+81-33832-8281    +81-6869-4318

090-98182133 (担当者小川)

+81909818213 ( Mr.Ogawa )

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